We two friends, love to travel and visit places. We have visited almost all famous tourist places in India. Now we have started a mission to explore the hidden beauties of nature. Now we visit places which not known as tourist places but have great natural beauty or historical importance. Hence we thought why don’t we start writing about places. This is not our primary job. This is our passion. When we launched page7IN another friend joined us. He also love travel and explore unknown places. But his another interest is internet-world. So, we include a technology section also in our page7IN. Funding to run the site is done by Mr. Suman.

As we keep visiting places we come across many events and happening. But no one care to make as news. No one tries to bring it to public or government’s notice. We thought we can add one more person who can write news and make public appeals to take care of those ignored facts or happenings.

Now you have to find out who is who?



I am a stupid fellow. I was never interested in study. Anyhow for my family’s effort I got my bachelor’s degree. Degree is just degree. I want to travel and explore. That’s what I am doing. My English is too bad, I know. But I also know that you are enough smart to understand my writing. To contact me write a mail. Use the address given in Contact Us page. Thank You


I am totally mad for “T”. Do you know what does it stand for? T for travel, T for trip, T for tourism………

I have a very little education. I have it so that people don’t call me illiterate or Murkh. I do farming in our small land (that’s what only we have). So, you can call me poor economically. But, I know I am very rich in my dream. I am world traveler in my dream. Hope one day it will be reality. I lives in a village in UP, India.



I have a BE in software engineering. But truly it’s just a degree. I am not an engineer. I have small electronic device repairing shop in Shubhas Colony, Bhopal, India. Basically I torture others during our trips and handle software part of this page7IN. Thank you

Social Media Reporter

I am newly joined fellow in this group. This is part time job for me. I work in a call center. I live in Gurgaon. I did my master in Geography from Delhi University. Contact me by droping mail to the address give in Contact us page.


Stop Global warming to save penguins………..