Warning: Me or you, no body can compare Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose with anybody. This is not a comparison. It’s an analogy.

Analogy: If the God can be banished from his temple then what can be happen to common man?


It is already well known for common Indian (“common” because other Indian who are and were not ready to accept the reality) that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose did not get the respect what he really deserved and deserves. The only reason for his bad luck is he is one those few leaders who really loved / loves his country. Not only that, he worked (truly) for country. People (I call them rats) understood that if he stayed in India then they could not make common people fool and enjoy the “malai” earned by our real heroes.


It was around 1930-1938. They understood that Netaji Subhas really wanted to do something for the country and he truly wanted theFREEDOM. That’s all. Netaji Subhas became enemy of them. Though he was most brilliant leader but the evil forced him to leave post and finally to leave country. These EVIL is so strong that even after Independence also he was unable to come. WHY?

  1. If he comes back then the rats can’t enjoy the meat.
  2. the country will be developed.
  3. The people will be educated and they can’t be fooled.
  4. There will not be any collision with Pakistan.



Now at present THEY understood, If Modi government stays long, then:

  1. The country will be developed.
  2. People will be educated.
  3. 70 years long Pak-problem will be solved.
  4. Kashmir will be Shan of India again.
  5. The truth of Gujrat riot will come out.
  6. Babri Masjid demolition will be cleared to people.
  7. Netaji’s history will be open to all.
  8. RATs will be exposed.

The list is big. But these are most important causes for which THEY can’t sleep now. What the RATs will do?

  1. They will start using new words to so they are educated and so much educated that they can find milk in “Dudh”. and they will make controversy that milk is secular bu “dudh” is religious. This government is feeding religious things to people. And they believe 90% people are blind (it’s true but not 90%), so they will believe and fight against government.
  2. They will talk about peace just after initiating the violence. Then their paid media will go and show that the government is doing the violence using police while the police came actually to stop the initiation. They trust on the fact that police comes late and it’s true. They use it nicely.
  3. They will be more shameless. They can forget their home to choose a terrorist as their brother. Hence for security goverment has to stop any terror activity. Then they will say that they don’t have freedom.
  4. They will play role of peace maker seeding the violence first.

This list has no ends. don’t forget that they can do anything, even they can banish God from his temple.


What a real Indian should do?

  1. This is most important thing and we do wrong. There can be some people who are really not RAT but they are brain washed. to understand and distinguish we have to talk or debate a little. After a while you will understand. If you know it’s RAT then do the same thing exactly what you should do with a RAT.
  2. If you angry on a rat and through some garbage then the rat will be happy because they love garbage. Don’t give anything to a rat. Let it die alone. Here the big RATs lives on your engagement. So don’t engage after identifying a rat.
  3. Unfollow all RATs if possible block them. If they don’t get food (you) then they will eat each other.
  4. Tit for tat. Use the same word for them. If they say, intolerant, you say “RATs are too intolerant to tolerate Indians.” As the number of Indians are more their word “Intolerant” will die below the mount of words from Indians.
  5. Ignore them in class, office everywhere.
  6. Switch off all the anti-national channels. Don’t go to a shop or any such place where a TV is showing such channel.