Google Duo

A beautifully designed, fast one-to-one video calling app is now available in India.

Google Duo was being tested for long time. It became news when in last Google I/O summit they first started saying about it. It was released a little ago, on 15 th August 2016. Even yesterday also it was available for pre-register from India.

Google Duo is now available in India page7in
Google Duo is now available in India page7in


Those who already registered, I guess, got the app in their smartphone by now.

Google Google Duo is now available in India page7in1
Google Google Duo installed


What I like most is its beautiful design. Apart from this according to Google’s official announcement it has the following features that will attract you to use and compare it with Google Hangout video call, Skipe…………..


It will be the fastest video calling app. No mater whether you are on 3G or Wi-Fi, it will be fast according to official reports. We will know it better after use few more times.


This App will connect and will keep you connected across the different networks. That means while talking if your network changes from Wi-Fi to 3G or in other way it will not get disconnected and you don’t have to reconnect. Okay still it’s also a mater of more experience.

Cool design

Yes surely the design is nice.

Knock Knock

It has a feature called which let you get a live preview of the caller. That’s awesome. So you will never miss a great moment because of your disturbing friends boring call. Don’t worry if you don’t like this feature, you can turn it off.


Let us know your opinion and experience………