A place Triranga was hoisted for the first time on a liberated India by INA and a place of the Love story of Khamba & Thoibi.

Team T-penguin has decided to stay in Moirang near the INA headquarter up to 15th August(2016)……….

Most of us may not know, once Moirang was the headquarter of the INA and a INA occupied place during India’s freedom movement. Or you may say it was one of the very first places in India which became free from British rule. It was April 14, 1944, the day when the Triranga was hoisted for the first time on a liberated India. Led by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the Indian National Army (INA) defeated the British, to establish the provisional independent government in Moirang.


Now exploring Moirang can be completed by roaming and visiting following the following places:

  1. Loktak Lake
  2. Keibul Lamjao National Park
  3. Loktak Lake
  4. Red Hill (India Peace Memorial)
  5. Loukoipat
  6. Phubala
  7. INA Memorial, Moirang

You can find the first five places in my other pages listed below. Here in this page I want to tell about the last two: Phubala and INA Memorial.


Phubala is a locality with a close affinity to Moirang. This place is situated on the bank the lake of Loktak. It’s one of the well known place for boating in the loktak lake. Visitor may enjoy different water sports available at nearby places. Phabula is famous for the story of Phubala Hanuba. It’s one of the story related to story of love between Khamba & Thoibi.

The Love story of Khamba – Thoibi:

3 characters: Khamba, Kongyamba, Thoibi

Khamba: A boy in family officially related to the king. His sister brought him up by hard struggling.

Kongyamba: Son of another royal officer.

Thoibi: The princess

Khamba and Thoibi loved each other. But Kongyamba wanted to marry Thoibi. He was not successful to marry her but caused huge trouble for the couple. Somehow the love won. Khamba and Thoibi got married. But the end was painful. By mistake Thoibi killed Khamba and after knowing she committed suicide. Read the full story here: www.page7.in/the-love-story-of-khamba-thoibi-moirang-manipur


INA Memorial, Moirang

INA memorial in Moirang Manipur
INA memorial in Moirang Manipur

It’s a very small museum with INA memorial. But, on the basis of historical importance it’s the best place in India. Undoubtedly, this place make you to feel yourself in a higher altitude of experience while you will be observing the great collections. The collection contains weapons, tools etc. used by INA, letters from and to INA. Some exhibits belongs to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, may thrill you if you have knowledge about the great national hero. Must visit this place if you visit Manipur.

Warning: Photography is not allowed inside.


Explore Manipur- 7 top places to visit in Manipur

  1. Imphal City
  2. Keibul Lamjao National Park
  3. Loktak Lake
  4. Moirang
  5. Kakching
  6. Ukhrul
  7. Bishnupur