The Epic of India

The Indus Valley Civilization was started more than 5000 years ago. It was the oldest civilization where real education started. They started teaching and learning on many subjects starting from sociology to astronomy. The were the pioneer and the best in that era.

Then many forces invaded this civilization. Some of them ruled here for years and others just came and looted many things and destroyed without any purpose.

The Indus Valley Civilization has become smaller, weaker and poor day by day……

But still it can stand and it was proven that the civilization can gain back its glory. It was proven by the Heroes just 70 years ago.

The saddest part:

We don’t forget, still we can remember their sacrifice. But, we forget what they really wanted. They wanted the civilization to be free and we are just free from one external ruler.

But we are now under the rule corruption, hate for religions of others, cruelty of superstition, dictatorship and total illiteracy in administrations, meaningless power of weapons and money, women harassment……….


We can beat any country………. we are free to be corrupted…..

  • Saradha Group financial scandal
  • Abhishek Verma arms deals scandal
  • Common Wealth Games Scam
  • Indian coal allocation scam
  • Uttar Pradesh NRHM scam
  • 2G scam
  • Navy War Room Leak scandal
  • Uttar Pradesh food grain scam

Religious hates:

During freedom movement heroes appears from all religions. The unity became nightmare for British. The  British started “Divide and Rule” policy. They created Bangladesh and Pakistan. We are happily following British policy…………

  • Pakistan will dedicate its Independence Day celebration to 'Kashmir's freedom', says its high commissioner to Delhi.
  • "India and others in the region have already received enough of Pakistan's trademark exports - international terrorism, cross-border infiltrators, weapons, narcotics and fake currency," said a communique from the external affairs ministry, citing an "apparent" Pakistani proposal to send supplies to Jammu and Kashmir.
  • UP Dalit couple killed over Rs 15: In poll season............
  • Modi has no one but himself to blame for BJP's upper caste mentality
  • Why the BJP can't discard Hyderabad's Hindutva soldier Raja Singh
  • Indian Muslims bitterly divided over Zakir Naik but it is still a healthy sign
  • Bharat Mata Ki Jai: Take action against Owaisi after legal scrutiny, Bombay HC tells cops

Cruelty of superstition:

We are educated! We are free to learn ANYTHING……

  • Five-year-old boy murdered as human sacrifice ritual in Andhra Pradesh; accused thrashed
  • Women Forced to Drink Water From Shoes to Evict Demon in Rajasthan
  • A fringe Hindu group that believes in a divine kingdom is suspected in the deaths of Indian secularists
  • Over 2000 women killed in India for practicing 'black magic' in 14 years

Dictatorship and total illiteracy in administrations:

They are very much educated. They are so educated that they can manage education………

  • Why student protests have erupted in a peaceful IIT Indore campus
  • IIT Kanpur Students Call Off Agitation Over Scholar's Death
  • Experts call for action to combat academic corruption
  • Explained: How 3 corrupt BCI officials were jailed (and how their attempt to blame Gopal Subramanium for it failed)
  • CBI files fresh FIR against Vijay Mallya

Women harassment:

The “Gangrape” become a very frequent news word. What kind of freedom is this?